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Online Workshop: Integrate and Succeed: Building Positive Organizations for Work/Life Integration
Online Workshop: Integrate and Succeed: Building Positive Organizations for Work/Life Integration

Online Workshop: Integrate and Succeed: Building Positive Organizations for Work/Life Integration

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This course offers a comprehensive exploration of transforming traditional organizations into positive entities that prioritize employee wellbeing, foster a supportive culture, and promote sustainability. Through a nine-step framework for organizational transformation, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to create a thriving and sustainable environment within their organizations. The course emphasizes that the transformation process is gradual and requires a strong foundation built upon safety, vulnerability, and self-awareness. By prioritizing individual transformation as a catalyst for collective and systemic change, participants will learn to create positive organizations that embrace authenticity, emotional expression, and work-life balance.

Course Objectives: 

  • Understand the nine key steps for transforming traditional organizations into positive entities.
  • Recognize the importance of creating a safe and secure environment that encourages vulnerability and trust.
  • Explore the role of individual transformation in initiating collective and systemic change within organizations.
  • Develop self-awareness as a critical skill for facilitating the desired organizational transformation.
  • Appreciate organizations as communities and understand the significance of supporting employees.
  • Promote authenticity and emotional expression as essential elements of positive organizations.
  • Implement strategies for achieving a healthy life-work balance in a rapidly evolving professional landscape.
  • Understand the integration of personal and professional aspects within positive organizations.
  • Navigate the blurred boundaries between work and personal life and explore ways to manage them effectively.

Course Format:

This course is designed to provide flexibility and convenience to participants, allowing them to learn at their own pace. It is structured as a self-paced online course, providing unlimited access to the course content. Participants can progress through the modules and complete the coursework according to their schedule and individual learning preferences.

To enhance the learning experience, the course includes downloadable worksheets, exercises, and supplementary materials that reinforce the key concepts covered in each module. These resources are designed to facilitate reflection, self-assessment, and practical application of the course material. Each module is approximately 20-35 minutes in length.

Assessments play a crucial role in measuring participants' understanding and application of the course content. Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to engage in self-awareness activities, quizzes, and practical assignments. These will serve as checkpoints to gauge comprehension and provide feedback on your progress.

Join this self-paced course and embark on a transformative learning journey, gaining the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to create positive, sustainable organizations that prioritize employee well-being and foster a supportive work environment.

Meet your Instructor:

Featuring Prof. Sandro Formica, PhD. International Speaker, Author and Professor

Sandro is a Research Fellow in Positive Organizational Psychology at Claremont Graduate University in California and a Visiting Professor of Positive Organizations at Florida International University and in selected European universities. 

Sandro’s training and consulting activities revolve around his research, which consists of classifying and categorizing evidence-based positive organizational interventions and measuring their benefits for the individual, the team, and the entire organization. Since 2000, he has been offering Executive Education training to global and multi-national firms’ C-level managers in the U.S.A., Middle East, New Zealand, France, Spain, and Italy.

His academic article “The Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting Paradigm Shifts: An overview of current situation and future research directions” is the most cited about that topic.

Sandro is the co-director of the research unit “Positive Organizational Behavior & Human Capital” at La Sapienza University, Rome. He published in international peer-reviewed journals on retention, positive emotions, economics, self-awareness, human motivational factors, behavioral decision-making, executive education needs, United States vs. Europe training systems, and predictability of human preferences in future global businesses. His research papers were presented at international conferences, such as the World Business Congress, the Quality of Life World Conference, and the International Conference on Emotional Intelligence. 

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