Community Psychology: In Pursuit of Liberation and Well-Being

Community Psychology: In Pursuit of Liberation and Well-Being

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Author: Riemer, Manuel

Brand: Springer

Edition: 3rd ed. 2020

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 480

Release Date: 28-03-2020

Details: Product Description This visionary textbook is the third edition of a trusted and highly respected introduction to community psychology. The editors have focused on three contemporary social issues in order to illustrate key concepts throughout the book: climate change, affordable housing and homelessness, and immigration.  Featuring a wide range of critical perspectives from international scholars and practitioners, Community Psychology encourages students to consider theories and methodologies in light of how they might be applied to different cultures and settings. It develops students' ability to think critically about the role of psychology in society, and about how the work of community psychologists can aid in the liberation of oppressed groups, promoting social justice and flourishing both for people and for our planet. This book is essential reading for students taking both undergraduate and graduate courses in Community Psychology and its related fields. Review This edition adds impressive new members and perspectives to the already powerful scholarship of its original authors. This is both a visionary introduction to the field and a valuable addition to the library of established scholars, activists and researchers. – Julian Rappaport, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. It is clear that this work is derived from a community of authors who are steeped in active participation and passionate about their endeavours. I believe this text will become a key resource, both for students across various levels of study and for practitioners seeking conceptual and strongly values-informed bases for their work. – Jacqueline Akhurst, Rhodes University, South Africa. This book should be part of any psychology degree. It covers all the pertinent topics, including some of the special features of community-based research not covered in most courses on psychology methods, and is made accessible to students through clear writing, thoughtful questions and extra materials to use in classes. – Bernard Guerin, University of South Australia, Australia. This text is comprehensive with its inclusion of indigenous and settler voices of key issues from both historical and contemporary perspectives. Well done. – Bridgette Masters-Awatere, University of Waikato, New Zealand. Providing comprehensive and incisive coverage of a range of contemporary social issues and drawing on a range of international perspectives, this textbook is an invaluable resource for students, instructors and practitioners. – Norman Duncan, University of Pretoria, South Africa. A commanding and inspiring presentation of our past achievements! Most importantly, this book also advocates continuing to access and collaborate with governments and local community resources with imagination and vigor and long term commitments. – James G Kelly, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA. The editors present an encompassing, innovative and challenging view of the field. They manage to demonstrate the pertinence of the field to local and international issues as well as to historically persistent problems. – Irma Serrano-García, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico. The second edition was outstanding. Graduates often say that this is the only book they keep and take with them into their professional lives because it is so relevant - and the third edition promises to be even more relevant. – Dawn Darlaston-Jones, The University of Notre Dame, Australia. Packed with useful tools to promote collective well-being, this significant contribution is my textbook of choice. It includes global perspectives, and illustrative, concrete examples that support student learning. Importantly, this text focuses on power, centers issues of social (in)justice, and calls for critical approaches within (and beyond) our field. – Erin Rose Ellison, California State University, Sacramento, USA. In this excellent new edition, the authors have introduced important material on community psycho

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